Linking the Past and Into the Future

During our family group meetings during the year, Lenny Taube, RLFG Recording Secretary had the wonderful idea of reading the minutes from the first RLFG business meetings held over 50 years ago. Those minutes were full of wonderful detail and we enjoyed hearing the planning, the ideas, the issues of the day and the travels of the family as the RLFG began. The minutes included where the meeting was held, what was served, and more. The reason for the RLFG was to make the connections so that the future generations would not loose touch as the family grew and spread and evolved.

Has it worked? How many families can name and visit with 4th cousins? How many families know who has babies and who is graduating from college and where across the world their members live? The founding members certainly had insight into how to keep the family connected then.

We hope to include some quotes from those minutes for you to consider and enjoy.

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