Happy Purim from Israel

(Ed. Note: This was in response to the receipt of the Family Group’s mailing list)

Thank you very much for the list! It’s so clear and simple!

I have a few little corrections:

We have four children now: Shneor Zalman is before Shalom Dober
If the names are too long it’s enough to write: Rachely, Mendy, Shneor, Dober.
That’s how we call them on day to day basis.

I go today by the name Yocheved ( Yomi is a nick name used only by the family, It’s short for Yocheved Miriam). So maybe it’s better to write:

Yocheved (Yomi) & Eli Rosenblum

The children dressed up for school Yesterday (Wednesday). They had a wonderful time. I’m sending a few small pictures. Enjoy!

Have a Happy Purim!

DCPs_2074 (Small)
DCP_2059 (Small)

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