The Cousins Check it Out and Check In

Everyone (from California to Israel to Boston) is enjoying the new RLFG website and many have provided good ideas.

    1.  We are working on the identification of everyone in the pictures.  If you send in any new pictures, be sure to identify them.
    2.  Yes, anyone can read what is on the site but the only way to comment is to register.
3.  We are happy to post articles from you .
4.  Coming soon is a page for minutes old and new.  If you like the pictures you will love reading the minutes from 1952.
5.  We are thinking about the My Space or Facebook links several people mentioned.  In fact, working on this site can be a full time job which neither John nor I can devote to it.  So, it will come in good time.   We hope you will comment on the site and send us the pictures and comings and goings of your family.

From Bernice Luskey

I enjoyed, especially, all the pictures. I am going to look through them again–and again. Then I will figure out if I can print some–I’m sure there is a way. I am doing fine here in Savannah and hope you are all well also.

From: Yomi Rosenblum

Margalit is in Canada now, they went to make an American citizen ship for there children in North America ( In Vermont. It was easier to land first in Toronto). They should be back this week so I’ll ask her then (I only know the Hebrew dates).

I looked at the web site and found my grandmother in the “pictures from the 50’s”. It is done very well, and I enjoyed it! It’s a very good idea (and I bet also a lot of work). It would be nice if names were written underneath so that I would know who they are. Is the site accessible to who ever wants to or only to family members?

What a good idea! This is the only practical way for me keeping in touch! I liked the pictures!

From Roz (Greenspon) Cohen

The site is terrific! I enjoyed those nice pictures of my Bubby and Zaidy Looban! What a lot of work you put into it! As we say here in Israel, Kol Hakavod!

From Carol Luskey

I’m in South Dakota!!! I’ll try to write up something to update everyone on our whereabouts…I can also fill in some of the holes on the family tree – does that go to you as well??? I LOVE this site…oh my gosh!!! It is so much fun to look at the pictures and to have the entire geneology…wow!! Thanks. It will definitely be bookmarked by me and many others I’m sure. I just love the pictures. So much fun. Sandy, your mom and dad visited us when we lived in Wagner, SD!!!! Not too many people came to visit us there but we were so delighted to have them. Even remember that we had deli when they came! (It was an event!!)

From Lenny Taube

What do you think about incorporating that somewhere on the front page of the website near the logo/name so as to pay homage to the woman who the group is named after? Greetings! My grandmother is looking for a photo of Rachel Looban & will provide details on what she was like soon.

From Sandy Deiner

Thanks Sandy! Once again I got lost in some of those old photos. Happy Purim!

From Lisa Pivar

Thank you so much for including me in this announcement! I am anxious to check out the site and get involved! I look forward to checking it out this evening when I get home and have the time to explore it all!

And again from Lisa Pivar

I know I said I was going to wait until tonight to take a look at the site, but I was so excited I just couldn’t wait! So, I took just a peek for now. I absolutely love the photos from the 50’s and later! Unbelievable, just a flood of memories! I believe I may have some photos to send you to add if you like?

From Estelle Cohen

Thank you so much for all your work, it is greatly appreciated.

From Bob Diener

Have a Hamentashen for me, and thanks for keeping in touch. Happy Purim to you and yours. Life is good here in the Bay Area. I thank Sandy for sending this email and respecting our privacy. However, I would be happy to hear from all/any of you, so now you have my email and other contact information.

From Diane Yankelevitz

I didn’t get the email you sent everyone – Adele fwd it to me. I checked and you have my email address spelled incorrectly. You put an ‘n’ instead of an ‘m’ in the middle. Please change it in your address book. So far I could only see the photos on the website. That alone is neat. I’ll try the rest again another time. Thank you and John for putting it up. It’s essential for us to keep in touch since we’re so spread out.

From Zachary Diener

I got a link to this website from my dad, Bob Diener, and wanted to make sure that you had my email. Just, you know, to keep in touch.

Currently in my life: I Am a performing acrobat in Portland, Oregon and I will be moving soon to Cambridge, MA to attend classes in Human Computer Interaction at Tufts.

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