Fradkin’s Visit Israel

Fradkin's Visit Israel

Rabbi Josh Shapiro with Carol & Gary Fradkin

I just spent time on the website and…WOW, what a great job, and what a service to all of us. It even helped me figure out the relationship to the cousins I spent time with in the last 2 weeks.

Let me explain:

Gary and I just returned this morning from our first trip to Israel. Right before we left, I printed out the RLFG address list which Adele had compiled. On the plane, I went through the list and circled everyone who lives in Israel….and was astounded at how many cousins are there! When we were visiting with cousins of Gary’s, they looked at the list and found a number of people they knew, including Avi, who lived right around the corner! He was nice enough to come over, and later in the trip we also spent time with Carmi and his family, and Rabbi Josh, as well. We talked with David Klein’s wife Esther when we were in Safat, only to find out that David was on his way to Baltimore for a visit, so we missed getting to see him.

The genealogy links on the website has made it easy to determine that Avi and Carmi are my second cousins….a fact we all thought was right, but weren’t exactly sure.

So, thanks to you and to Adele for doing the work to help keep our huge family connected.

Fradkin's Visit Israel

Gary & Carol Fradkin with Debbie & Carmi Shapiro & their children

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