Hilda Miller – 1918-2008

It is with great sadness we tell you that Hilda Miller, of blessed memory, died on September 12, 2008. In tribute to Hilda, the following poem was written by son-in-law Bernie Taube’s father, Herman Taube.

Hilda Miller - 1918-2008

Hilda Miller – 1918-2008

PAUL and HILDA – A Love Story

Paul and Hilda were our neighbors,
they lived across the street from us,
we saw them frequently on Sundays,
the only day we were all at home.

Paul and Hilda were humble people,
soft-spoken, modest and respectful,
the only thing they did brag-about,
were their charming, young daughters.

Paul was a good provider for his kids,
Hilda personified the ‘Jewish mother’,
establishing a close relationship with
her daughters and her intimate family.

Years passed, the children left home,
moved-on to build their own brood,
Paul and Hilda, with her sister Isabel,
lived together uncomplicated lives.

Children and grandchildren visited on
holidays, Shabbat dinners and special
occasions, life was good and tranquil,
finally Paul got ill and passed away.

With Paul gone, Hilda’s health failed,
an important part of her life was gone,
her children protected and comforted her,
but nothing could replace Paul, her life.

Hilda passed away Friday evening.
Souls are immortal, spirits continue,
Paul and Hilda are both now together,
Their souls will live on in their children.

Yehi Zichrom Baruch!

Herman Taube

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