Holiday Greetings from the Northwest

From Diane & Ken Yankelevitz

Ken & Diane Yankelevitz

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It’s snowing a lot as I write this letter. The other three snows since October have melted in the valley, but remained on the mountaintops. Ski resorts are open and snowbirds have flown – to Arizona mostly. The senior center is having a snowshoe program this year, so I’m going to try it. Supposedly one doesn’t slip and slide on snowshoes. I tried cross country skiing a couple years ago and Ken made me promise not to do that again – too many falls and ouches, requiring many visits to the chiropractor.

We’ve had a few big changes this year. My mother died in September after a long decline, so now my sisters and I (mostly Adele, who lives near Baltimore) are looking after my aunt, who will be 89 in February and is still living in the condo. Ken and I joined a reformed Jewish temple after being away from religion for 40 years. It’s a nice group of people and we’re enjoying the learning opportunities and the more inclusive and non-restrictive aspects of the reformed (much less traditional) faction of the religion. We sold one of our properties and we now have no mortgages, which is a nice feeling in this economy. We have a house up for rent, and thankfully can easily afford its upkeep even when it isn’t rented.

Ken’s summer has been full of horses – riding in the back country every week and volunteering at a facility that provides therapeutic riding for people who are disabled. He also took a 5-day ride into Yellowstone Park with an outfitter. Ken reads a lot (I don’t seem to have as much time), and almost every day we take a walk through the woods on the trails by our house. I attend exercise class three days a week at the senior center year round, join their hiking group in the summer, and go on day trips around the state. I went with them on an overnight float down the Snake River in Idaho in July. I’m also active in the Newcomer’s Club and we have a lot of fun and organize an auction every December and give the proceeds to several local charities. I’m training for the AARP tax assistance program for the 3rd year. I’m also doing a Money Management class for Adult Ed this winter, and from time to time I have clients for Past Life Regressions, Hypnotherapy, Family Constellations and Astrology.

We’re spending the holidays in Florida with Ken’s cousins and uncle Leon, who is 91. We will celebrate our 45th anniversary in February. Our kids and grandkids are doing well. Kelsey is 14, Riley is 4. Jessica’s 8, Chloe is 6, and my baby just turned 40. We get to see them once or twice a year – not often enough, of course. Recent photos of our family are attached.

Hope you all get through the economic crisis in 2009 with your financial security intact, and have an abundance of good health, many friends, and lots of love.

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